Hi, I'm Austin!A detail-obsessed product designer & front-end developer based in NYC.

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    Community platform built around a thesis that people are more authentic and share more frequently inside of groups.

    UI/UX DesigniOS Development

    Cash App


    Providing a low-friction interface for recipients to acknowledge they've seen a payment.

    Since animation would play a large role in adding context to the reaction experience, I developed a native iOS prototype to hand off to developers to ensure parity.

    UI/UX DesignPrototyping

    Cash App

    Auto Add Cash

    Many people use Cash App's reloadable debit card as a tool to manage their spending. However, that required users to manually Add Cash on a consistent basis.

    To automate this process, Auto Add Cash allows users to setup and manage automatic cash deposits into their Cash App account.

    UI/UX DesignPrototyping

    Cash App

    Merchant Avatars

    Bank statements are typically confusing and misleading. To reinforce trust and provide user's a better experience, Cash App simplifies merchant names and in some cases, provides a recognizable brand avatar.

    Using Cash App's existing merchant avatar design system, I crafted over 250 new merchant avatars.

    Graphic Design


    iOS App & Website

    Monkey reached out to simplify their app's user experience with a focus on consistency.

    Reporting directly to the CEO, I delivered a variety of changes that defined Monkey's design language as it grew rapidly into a popular social app acquired by Holla.

    UI/UX DesignDesign Systems


    Impossible Rush

    Brain-teaser Game

    Built in a weekend, Impossible Rush received more than 1 million downloads within its first 3 months on the App Store.

    Featured by Apple in their "20 Under 20" category as one of the best 20 games of 2015.

    Color Dash

    Test your reflexes

    Like many games I've made, the goal was to create a game that anyone could pick up and play, without a tutorial. Simply slide the tiles to match the falling colored ball.

    Albeit its design is simple, Color Dash keeps things interesting with a number of playful animations.


    Never miss your wish

    Studies have shown that the act of writing down a goal can potentially increase the likelihood of those goals coming to fruition.

    11:11 notifies users at 11:11 am/pm to make a wish, while allowing them to jot the "wish" down and cross it off in due time.